How does the Social Web impact undergrads preparing for a teaching career?

The social web provides an opportunity for users of myspace and Facebook to get ahead of the game. Whether they realize it or not, they are gaining experience with web-based collaboration tools that enable individuals to communicate and share information that is important to them. While a lot is being said that is negative about myspace and Facebook, there are perhaps untapped resources lying dormant in these sites.

Blogging also provides a very low-threshold means of enabling personal web-based publishing. One's voice can be heard globally, which frankly could be a scary thing. Are we thinking about the privacy issues of posting our personal thoughts for the entire planet to read? Are we aware of the fact that our future boss or spouse may be reading our blog? Despite the concern about exposure online, these tools are the realization of some very old-school online communities that have been around since the 80's (do you remember the BBS?). Today, online communities are emerging within a global context, rather than a context centered around a local dialing area code.

So, as you're preparing for a teaching career, how are you using tools of the social web to build collaborative communities of learners amongts your friends in the teacher ed program? Are you thinking about how you might transform recreational use into pedagogical use?

Why do I ask? Because 2nd graders are asking to start their own blogs, they IM on gaming sites, and know how to play multi-player online games. Today's undergrads will be teaching students who grew up with a mouse in their hand who are more familiar with Reader Rabbit than with Dick & Jane. Are you prepared to lead 2nd graders who are digital natives?

Along these lines of transforming technology into pedagogical tools, take a look at the following websites for more information about how you can use blogging as an electronic portfolio or resume.


14 thoughts on “How does the Social Web impact undergrads preparing for a teaching career?

  1. I never thought about developing an online portfolio. I use the social net and keep hearing bad things about it, so it is good to hear that it can be used constructively as well. Thank you for your presentation today!

  2. I really enjoyed the presentation today. I mean, hey, how often are you really requited to get on facebook during class?! It is so important for teachers to be able to understand what their students are doing on the internet. I also loved it that you focused on using our bloggs in a educational way. This perspective is often overlooked. Thank you for coming to our class today!

  3. I think that the use of blog technology will be a revolution to the teaching world. The students will have acccess to daily assignments and parents can keep an open relationship with the teacher by posting and commenting on blogs. It will be a benefit to the communication gap in the teaching community.

  4. I really liked this class session! I feel that it was greatly helpful and i am excited to use my new blog!! Thank you so much for coming in and teaching us, i am an internet addict, but ive never had a blog.. so now this can add to my online fun! Im excited to use things like this as well as technology within my future classroom. Thanks again!!

  5. I think that technology is a wonderful thing, but I’m not so fond of all of this blog stuff. Who has the time to do this–it’s just like all other things like myspace and stuff like that. However, I do think that it is important for teachers to be aware of all the things their students are involved in. Technology can be very useful in the classroom.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us today Sean! I am amazed at the many different avenues I can take as a teacher using technology in the classroom. Blogging is extremely new to me, but I am willing to give it a try. I liked your comments about how we as teachers need to be technology savvy for our students, as more than likely they will know more than we do.

  7. I think having a blog will be a great way for us to share and read our ideas about education and teaching. It will also be a great way for us to respond to each other’s blogs and give input.
    It’s also a great way for us to learn more about technology and ways that we can use it in our future classrooms. This is exciting! thanks for getting us started!

  8. I think that this was a good presentation, I could see that this was new information to a lot of people in the class. This kind of caught us up to where I think people in our ‘tech-e’ generation should be. When I was in school I was always slightly frustrated with teachers who computer illiterate. I see this presentation as an effort to bridge the gap between students and teachers in the field of technology. Thanks!

  9. Thanks so much for coming to our class today. I had never created a blog before and have no facebook or myspace account so it was very informative for me. Seeing how our society is so connected on the web it is important as a teacher to be aware of these things and know how to use them. It is a great way to connect with my students, get to know them better and learn new things that I may have never known about them otherwise, and have a means of communication beyond the classroom. I hope to use this more in the future. Thanks again.

  10. i really appreciate you coming into our ed class today. it was really good for me because i am pretty much a technology moron. you made it so easy, and step-by-step, and i was able to follow. i think that with the way the technology is advancing using the internet and blogs will be very helpful. it will be a good way to potentially contact other faculty, parents or students. this could also be a good way to get reactions from students if there is a movie assignment, or other take home assignments.

  11. I think that technology is a growing tool we, as educators should be aware of and utilize. I think that if I were to teach an older class where I know each student had access to a computer, i would try to get them to respond to a weekly blog about a subject in my class. Try to encourage them to discuss issues that affect them.

  12. I didn’t know there were resources online that can be used to create electronic portfolios and I hope that I can use these resources when I am following my teaching career. I feel like I learned a lot about the technology at my fingertips and was encouraged to take things I do anyway(writing blogs) and give it professional use.

  13. Whoa!! Blogging has gone way beyond just babbling about random things and seeing if people actually read what you have to say. I had NO clue that it is also used for teachers and perspective students. Shoot. Technology is going far…as always. It’s kind of sweet that there are so many resources for creating electronic portfolios, ideas for teaching, etc. Hope I can just get past the whole typing in the web address thing. Yeah….technology has only been my friend for a little while.

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