Sharing with the seminary faculty on wikis

I met with my colleagues at the seminary today to discuss how they might use wikis in their new MAML program that is ramping up. I’m currently mashing up an instance of the Swiki wiki system, which we’ve been running for 6 years, into Moodle. As I shared with them today, I accidentally chose to display the wiki in a frame within Moodle. The result: a wiki that works and is easy to use (as opposed to the horrid wiki built-in to Moodle).

I shared a pre-release version of my paper that I’ll be presenting at Site this year on what I’ve learned both in using wikis for the past 6 years as well as a review of the literature on the use of wikis for a course.

My colleagues in the seminary raised some important questions about assessment today during our time together — issues that were important and I hope to learn from them their solutions for assessing student’s work in wikis.

I’d like to hear about how others are assessing work in wikis. Please share a comment if you’d like regarding assessment or how you are using wikis in general.


One thought on “Sharing with the seminary faculty on wikis

  1. Glad you discovered that feature.

    Look deeper in the settings for that resource you added and you’ll see that you can pass info like the current username etc to the remote page (ie swiki in your case) so that you can automatically log them in to the swiki and other such things.

    And yes, our built-in wiki is horrid, we all know it. 🙂 We have two new ones coming up soon.

    If you have conclusions about assessing wikis I’d love to hear about them at

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