Experimenting with an offline blog editor

Anybody using an offline blog editor? Robert mentioned a Firefox extension called Performancing (now ScribeFire) some time ago. I’m currently experimenting with Journler for Mac. Not sure what I think yet, but I’m going to continue testing and let you know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Experimenting with an offline blog editor

  1. Ya’ know, although I like the idea of an offline editor, after trying them all – I just haven’t been all that excited by any of them. So, I find myself going back to just writing it either in the blog’s editor or in the ultimate offline editor – Notepad – and later posting it.

    If you find one that does wonderful things, I’ll certainly try it out, though. Scribefire is in my browser. It is a nice one. But, I can’t remember the last time I used. it.

  2. Hi Robert, my experience with Journler has been less than stellar at this point. It basically only allows me to push posts up to the blog but then doesn’t let me edit them, which kind of defeats the purpose…if I make a change and repost, it just adds it as another entry. I have heard of a program called Mars Edit that is commercial software and supposed to be pretty hot, but I don’t know that I’ll bother experimenting with it… –Sean

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