My First Class in Second Life

Met together with my First Year Seminar students yesterday to talk about our class together. We had a good time getting to know each other better and getting ready for this semester. We are going to use Facebook as place to share our weekly reflections during the course and I’ve assigned Justin, Taylor, and Alison the responsibility for setting up a procedure for how we will be using Facebook for sharing our reflections (I’ll be crossposting this to Facebook). In case you didn’t know we’ll also be holding class in the virtual world of Second Life — this is the first course I will be teaching using Second Life. Anyone else out there teaching a course in SL?

I’m hoping that we will have an opportunity to build a community of learners together that will have greater opportunities to interact with each other because we can all meet together regardless of whether we are in class or in the same dorm or on the same campus. I also hope that we will be able to stay in touch after our sessions are over.

More to come…


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