Happy Birthday Tiddlywiki

I ran across a great interview with Jeremy Ruston, the developer Tiddlywiki, last night. His story and work is very good. If you haven’t used a wiki before, Tiddlywiki is a great way to get started. The power with it lies in the fact that it runs as a file on your computer — doesn’t need a server — and makes for a great information capture device (just wish it would work with an iPhone — there’s hope as I think Jeremy has one and is working on this).

Tiddlywiki is unique in that the magic doesn’t happen via PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Rather, it all happens locally on the browser powered by Javascript. There are numerous different flavors of Tiddlywiki out there as well catering to GTD’ers. I appreciate being able to use it as a notetaking device that I can push up to our web-accessible document storage system. I’m toying with the idea of using it instead of something like Wikispaces or other solutions like Highrise for tracking contacts and projects.

I’ve seen at Moodle.org that the developers of the next generation wiki for Moodle have included the ability to synchronize a Moodle wiki with Tiddlywiki — this has serious potential for our online courses. I’d love for my students & faculty to be able to have an offline wiki tool available to them.

Are you using Tiddlywiki? Let me know how via a comment below.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Tiddlywiki

  1. Sean,

    I’m an ‘osmosoftonian’ so I use TiddlyWiki a lot. Not just because I’m working to help develop it, but also because it has become my default app for making notes in meetings and at conferences etc.

    I’m currently working on TiddlyWiki to make it sit nicely on the iPhone. A TiddlyWiki site will already load and function as expected on the iPhone but due to the Javascript intense nature of TiddlyWiki and the rather poor Javascript performance on the iPhone, it feels a little sluggish. That said we are working to optimise it to squeeze out some better performance, and are devising crafty ways for it to be able to save itself onto the device for true on-the-go edits. There is also some work going on to skin TiddlyWiki so that it fits nicely onto the iPhon browser.

    I’m pleased you enjoyed the interview with Jeremy. It was quite a buzz while that was being filmed, since the TiddlyWiki community was firing in questions over IRC. Exciting and fun!


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