Why can’t Moodle get upgrades right?

Ok, I love Moodle, but sometimes it really drives me crazy! Ever since 1.6, upgrades are a bear. Everytime I try to upgrade to a version in the MOODLE_18_STABLE branch, it chokes — whether one of the continue buttons fails to work half-way through the upgrade, or I click on the unattended mode, it never seems to work (1.8.2+ this summer and 1.8.3+ this week). I always end up installing a copy from the *_RELEASE branch instead but then I wonder if we’re going to encounter an issue with security patches and updates. There has to be a better way! Are there any Moodle admins out there who have suggestions about how to get this under control. I’d be happy to operate from CVS if that would be best — I just need it to work!PS — I know you Moodle folks found my post on wikis before so if you find this one, I’d love some advice on best practice for upgrading :-).


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