Found a great offline blog editor

I’m working on the next issue of the ICCTE Journal, which I recently moved from Plone to WordPress. We generally have our copy ready articles in either RTF or Word format. To prepare them for production in a web environment, I have relied upon a number of methods in the past from hand coding to using the HTML editor in Moodle to purge Word’s HTML cruft before posting the production ready copy into my CMS.

This will be our second issue in WordPress so I was rethinking my workflow and how I could most efficiently convert from Word and RTF format into WordPress. After a quick Google search for offline blog editors, I found a reference to the fact that Word 2007 can be used as an offline blog editor to post directly to your blog (it supports WordPress and a number of other blog engines).

Now, I know what your thinking–Word as offline HTML/blog editor? What is that going to do to my HTML? Well, surprisingly enough, with careful use of the Clear Formatting tool in Word, you can achieve extremely clean HTML in your postings.

So far, I’m very happy and very greatful that I can prepare a document directly in Word and then use the Publsh command to upload it to WordPress. Unfortunately, right now it doesn’t let me specifiy whether I want it to create a page or a post, but I can live with that.

Compared to my experience before with offline blog editors, Word 2007 is an excellent option, particularly if it’s already part of your workflow.


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