First impressions of Google Wave

First look at Google Wave
First look at Google Wave

I received my Google Wave invitation last night and promptly setup my account. Here are my first impressions:

  • At first glance, I love the interface. It’s very clean and easy on the eyes.
  • Waves seem to be a mashup of wiki pages, blog postings, IM messages, and emails all rolled into one interface. Right now I have no one to Wave with (I have sent out a few invitations though…). I’m looking forward to seeing how tracking multiple waves works — will it be difficult to keep track of all of the data.
  • One very impressive feature is that you can go offline with Google Wave and then reconnect to sync your waves back up to the server. Finally, I have a cross-platform Groove-like solution that I asked for back in 2005.
  • Now I just need the invites that I sent out to be delivered so I can work with someone else…
  • This would be a brilliant way for our professors and students to work together on collaborative writing projects. In our M.Ed. program, when writing one’s action research project, you have critical colleagues who work with you to critique and edit your drafts in an iterative approach to building your thesis project.
  • I wonder what security is like. My connection to is over an https connection. As extensions are developed, it will be important to review them to ensure that connections to the extension provider are made over an https connection. Additionally, if authentication for third party services is shared (Twitter, WordPress, Evernote, etc), how will users make sure that their account credentials are not passed over a cleartext connection?

That’s all for now. I’ll post more once I have someone to Wave with…