Apple abandons its Xserve product line

Just saw this from news.yc: Apple is abandoning its Xserve product line enterprise customers. So, I’m not sure what this will lead to. For now, their PDF states that the roadmap for new customers is to run OS X Server on either a Mac Pro system or a Mac Mini. While both hardware options offer either performance (Pro) or a compact, sweet little server (Mini), they don’t work well in a rack environment.

I wonder (but seriously doubt) if this means Apple has something new they are going to introduce for the data center during Q1 2011?


Ubuntu Linux Meets Managed Services?

Ubuntu is raising the bar in the enterprise. I can see the direct impact that this would have in the server space, but what about desktop and laptop management? Having unified access to the enterprise computing infrastructure from laptop to server would be another reason to go with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Linux Meets Managed Services?: “Landscape — a new Canonical tool for remotely managing Ubuntu desktops and servers — debuts March 5. It holds great potential for enterprise administrators. But could Landscape also become a tool for managed service providers to remotely manage small business networks running Ubuntu? Here’s some perspective from MSPmentor.

(Via LXer Linux News.)