Adding Search Engines to Firefox

Did you know that you can add search engines to Firefox? Check out Mozilla’s Firefox Add-in site to add search engines for Flickr, Technorati, and the like.


Site 2006

Moodle is definitely gaining marketshare. At Site this month, I spoke with more and more people who are moving from WebCT and Blackboard to Moodle. They echoed my sentiment that Moodle provides the features we need at a price we love all the while allowing us to maintain control of the environment.

Digital Storytelling was a major theme this year at Site…Joe Lambert shared his vision for digital storytelling and the work that he is doing at the Storycenter. I was challenged by his use of stories to impact his audience at the conference and found myself wanting to explore how I might better use stories in my teaching.

Another connection that I made at the conference was with the committee on social justice. It was exciting to meet with a number of folks in the teacher ed and technology community who’s work is centered around utilizing technology to promote social justice. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn more from these new friends.

Finally, HigherEdBlogCon is about to kick off. Brendon and I are sharing our experiences with wikis, specifically Swikis, here at Fox. If you’re finding your way here from HigherEdBlogCon, you might check out the Collaborative Software Lab at Georgia Tech and read a few papers on how others are using the Swiki-wiki in higher ed.